HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai

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MARIANA HARDWICK Classic Bridal Collection 2013

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when i’m with adults


when I’m with my friends


when i’m online


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Title: Umibe no Keiji-tachi 24ji Artist: Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu), Ginoza Nobuchika (CV: Nojima Kenji) 712 plays


Psycho-Pass Radio Revival Episode 02 - Drama Part

Hi! Here is the drama part from PP Radio Revival ep. 02.

Kougami and Ginoza investigate an area stress in a water theme park…well, Gino tried, anyway :P

Rough translation after the cut. I hope you enjoy listening!

(misaofan also submitted a video link of the drama + a few minutes of the radio’s opening part. Thanks!)

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study on 2012.05.18(19) 

An English actress (looks nothing like her so I am not going to say who;;) and one fullbody pic and a pair of legs. Used references from a fashion magazine.

(omg everything I draw looks anime /SOBSSS)

Since yesterday, my friend and I decided to draw 2 pics a day to improve our drawing skills. I am sure I wouldn’t have done it if I were to do it alone. I am really thankful for my friend for the encouragement and motivation :) I think I lack understanding in values and anatomy/gesture the most, so I will be focusing on those the most. I hope I do improve over the summer!

btw… I actually really love drawing legs even though I rarely draw them LOL;; the only reason I don’t draw legs often is b/c I am terrible with drawing the pelvic area when I have to draw fullbody OTL


Just something for fun :D  (but really, it’s not the tools but the artist)

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